Front view of the Instituto Superior Técnico Central Building

The ICOVP-2013 was be held in the Congress Centre situated in the Alameda Campus of the Instituto Superior Técnico. The Instituto Superior Técnico is located in the city centre about 4.7 kms from the Lisbon Airport. The Congress Centre is in the Civil Engineering Building (see the plan below).

1. Central Building

2. Civil Engineering Building

3. North Garden Building
4. Mechanical Engineering Building I
5. North Tower
6. Electrical Engineering Building
7. Informatics Building II
8. Mechanical Engineering Building IV
9. Informatics Building I
10. Informatics Building III
11. Mechanical Engineering Building II
12. Mechanical Engineering Building III
13. Canteen
14. Student Association Building
15. Games Campus
16. Pool
17. Social Association Building
18. Copy Centre
19. Mine Engineering Building
20. South Tower
21. Chemical Engineering Building
22. South Garden Building
23. Children Garden
24. Building of Mathematics
25. Building of Physics
26. Interdisciplinary Complex