Special and Thematic Issues

Special and Thematic Issues

Conference Journal: Journal of Sound and Vibration (JSV)

The best selected papers were published in two special sections of a premier journal “Journal of Sound and Vibration” (JSV) printed by Elsevier.

Section 1: JSV vol. 334  

Section 2: JSV vol. 338 






Thematic Journal Special Issues

Some thematic journal special issues or sections in indexed journals are being personally organized either by the Mini-Symposia organizers or by the Steering or Scientific Committee members. A list of them is presented below.


IFToMM Co-sponsored Journal:

Advances in Vibration Engineering (AVE)

A thematic issues will be organised by Dr. Zuzana Dimitrovová (member of the ICOVP-2013 Steering Committee) with the support of the Editor in Chief Prof. J. S. Rao . Please note that the new journal title is “Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies”.

Part 1: JVET vol. 3 issue 2

Part 2: JVET vol. 3 issue 3

Part 3: JVET vol. 3 issue 6

Part 4: JVET vol. 4 issue 3


Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit (JRRT)

A thematic section on Vibration and Noise in Rail Transportation will be organised by the Chief Editor Prof. Simon Iwnicki in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Bracciali (member of the ICOVP-2013 Scientific Committee).

JRRT vol. 229 issue 4






FME Transactions

A special issue for participants of Mini-Symposium MS04: Advances in Structural Dynamics of High-Performance Machines was organised by Prof. Nenad Zrnic (the corresponding organizer of the Mini-Symposium MS04).

FME vol. 41 issue

In this issue first eight papers were presented at ICOVP-2013.





International Journal of Innovations in Materials Science and Engineering (IMSE)

A special issue for participants of Mini-Symposium MS26: Development of Materials and Systems for Vibration Damping was organised by Dr. Fabrizia Ghezzo (the corresponding organizer of the Mini-Symposium MS26).


In this issue first five papers were presented at ICOVP-2013.





Applied Mechanics and Materials (AMM)

A special issue entitled "Dynamics and Control of Technical Systems" for participants of Mini- Symposia MS03: Vibration Problems in Vertical Transportation Systems, MS08: Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Control of Elastic Structures and MS25: New Strategies and Challenges for Aerospace and Ocean Structures Dynamics and Control was organised by Prof. José Manoel Balthazar, Prof. Stefan Kaczmarczyk and Prof. André Fenili (the corresponding organizers of the Mini-Symposium MS08, Mini-Symposium MS03 and Mini-Symposium MS25).



Book of Abstracts

All accepted abstracts are published in Book of Abstracts entitled 11th International Conference on Vibration Problems (ICOVP-2013) with ISBN 978-989-96264-4-7, publisher APMTAC - Associação Portuguesa de Mecânica Teórica, Aplicada e Computacional.

Electronic Proceedings

All accepted full-length papers are now available on-line.